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Travis’ Beliefs

As you can see on the home page of this website, the December 25th, 1995 Issue of Soccer America asked the question:

I did.  I always believed I was a Champion.  I always will.
It has never mattered what anyone else thought.
It did not matter that as a First Team All-American Sweeper I was told repeatedly that I was too big, too slow, and not skillful enough to be a forward.
When the coach refused to let me move positions, I left my 7 time State Champion, 2 time Midwest Regional Champion, and 1 time National Champion Metro Magic/Wolves club team.   I rejoined Vardar after a 7 year absence.  I was their starting center forward.  We beat my old club in the State Final.
During the college recruiting process, there was only one team that offered me a chance to play forward.  Wisconsin.  The deal was that if I proved myself in the first weekend I could keep playing forward, even though they wanted me on defense.
I scored two goals the opening day of my freshman year against the University of Connecticut. I ended my career at Wisconsin assisting on the game winner against a heavily favored Duke in the NCAA finals (Also in spite of wearing the ugliest uniforms ever created).  It was awesome.  Absolutely one of the best rides of my life.  None of it would have happened if I had not believed, even when others did not.

I believed I could be a forward.  I believed I could be a great forward.  I believed I could be a champion as a forward.  I was.  Just as I previously was as a defender and later as a midfielder.

Belief like that does not come easy. 

It comes from knowing that you have done more to prepare yourself than anyone else. It comes from working harder and longer than anyone else.  It comes from working on your faults when everyone else has gone home for the day and is wasting their time on a couch.

If you want to see how a Champion prepares, come to my training. 
You will not be disappointed.

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