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Trainee Accomplishments


SUPER Y '04 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS:  Abigail Skiff ('05), Amalia Villarreal ('06), Brooklyn Foster ('05), Dianna Kucy ('05), Kyra Karfonta ('05), Lilley Bosley ('04), Morgan Roy ('05), & Sylvia Bohlen ('05)



Dianna Kucy named '05 US Youth Futsal National ID Candidate



Amanda Feury named '04 US Youth Futsal National ID Candidate



Dani Wolfe accepts an offer from the University of Michigan



ROI '06 boys  3v3 National Quarter-finalists

ROI '09 boys  3v3 National Semi-finalists

ROI '06 girls  3v3 National CHAMPIONS

ROI '05 girls  3v3 National CHAMPIONS



MSYSA U14 State Champions  Emma Bowman (Game winner in overtime of Semi-final)



MSYSA U11 State Champions  Gavin McBride (1g, 1a), Evan Wyskiel (2g), Simon Sawyer, Jack Coats, Emir Tascioglu, Travis Zeleji, Simon Sondreal, Sabalian Roy (2g, 2a)

MSYSA U13 State Champions  Jaden Frigerio (1g), Emma Bowman, Morgan Roy (1a)



We are extremely pleased to announce that 3 young ladies who regularly train with ROI qualified for the USTC National Finals.

The invitees were Amalia Villarreal, Brooklyn Foster, and Morgan Roy.


The competition consisted of technical evaluation of abilities followed by small sided 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 competitions. 

       **See below for further information on the competition.**


We at ROI were furthermore extremely pleased by how well the girls did at the competition.

Amalia (’06) finished #1 in the ’06-‘07 age group. 

Morgan (’05) and Brooklyn (’05) finished #1 & #2 in the ’04-‘05 age group.


Amalia dominated the ’06-‘07 age group. 

She is quick, skillful, determined, and has an unmatched ability to stop on a 180 degree dime with full control of the ball.  

There was never really a question of her technical ability, tactical awareness, and competitive drive bringing her out on top in the age group. 

These are just some of the reasons she will be attending the 3v3 Live National Championships this coming January in the ’05-’06 age group with four of the ROI boys.


Brooklyn and Morgan both did well enough individually to qualify to compete in the final 4v4 match in their age group.

For some reason the coaching staff made the decision to place our girls on the same team for the Final.

The girls quickly combined for several opportunities while denying the other team any realistic scoring opportunities. 

However, the former Indiana University Men’s goalkeeper in the net stonewalled them on their first efforts.

Then several perfectly timed and placed passes from Brooklyn to an on rushing Morgan resulted in 2 very well struck and placed left footed goals, followed by the girls just as quickly setting up a third goal by one of their teammates.

At that point Rene Muelensteen himself - in coat, tie, dress shoes and all – interrupted the final match by stalking out on the field and personally placing our ROI girls on separate teams before he would allow the match to continue.

It was awesome.


Congratulations ladies.

You represented ROI, your families, and yourselves in amazing fashion.


Thank you.




** USTC Evaluation Criteria: **

The criteria for success is less tangible and more subjective. The nature of what the USTC is about is

not a measurement of the most juggles, or the hardest shot. It is a measurement of several key factors

that I have illustrated below for you. Anyone can count juggles with tally marks, that's tangible.

Because of the subjective nature that is measured by some key indicators of talent – we have brought

in the level of coaching staff indicated above, that will be attending the USTC National Finals to best

identify those players who stand out. Players will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Personality traits – Can you show some flare during the competition?

Confidence level – Are you willing to use a variety of skills to beat your opponent?

Technical skills – Can you control and manipulate the ball as an individual and within a team?

Tactical skills – Do you make the right decisions both with and without the ball?

Physical assets – How do you use your body to give your team an advantage?

Influence on the game – Simply, do you make the difference on the pitch?

In the end, the criteria above dictates which players have the greatest influence on the game:

Do you impact the game?

Are you a crowd favorite because of your flair and personality on the pitch?

Are you a player people talk about on the sidelines of after the game?

Are you a player we have to have on our team?

Do you have the ability to decide the outcome of the game?

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