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"I played with Travis at many levels including Club, ODP, and Professional.  I witnessed first-hand as he transformed himself from an All-American defender into a forward when everyone told him he could not.  Given how much skill and speed he lacked when he started the attempt, it took a staggering amount of hard work and determination to do what he did (Take my word for it, as a defender he was first and foremost a butcher par excellence).  I recently coached against his daughter Morgan and her Michigan Jaguars teammates in the final of the MEAD Cup this year.  She has many of the same qualities as her father with a lot more skill developing on top of it.  She had three assists and slotted home the game winner in a teeth clenching 4-3 overtime Final.  He has obviously been working hard with her as well as some of her teammates.  Upon hearing that Travis was finally coaching/training I immediately contacted him to find out if he was doing camps this coming summer.  If he puts it together, my own daughter Maryn will be attending.  If we can arrange something smaller and sooner we will be doing that as well."

                                                                                                                                       Steve Weiger

                                                                            Head Coach Noblesville United, Noblesville, IN
                                                                        Butler University All-American and Hall of Famer

"P.S. I volunteered this testimonial without being asked but I did include one condition, here it is:  The year that Travis and Wisconsin won the Big-Ten and NCAA Championships they were beaten earlier in the year by Steve and the Butler Bulldogs.  Please feel free to remind him of that at every opportunity."



"ROI Fit has been a great experience for my two kids. Travis and his staff understand what it takes to train the total soccer player. From ladders to agility to core strength; the coaching is excellent and productive. The technical skills sessions are first class. My U-12 son has gained so much confidence on the ball because of ROI Fit Training. Travis relates very well to the athletes and is not afraid to let them know when they are making mistakes. I highly recommend taking a look at ROI Fit Training if you want your athlete learning soccer the correct way."

                                     Scott Wamer - Head Women’s Soccer Coach Oregon Clay High School, Ohio



"Having played with Travis for years, I can honestly say there is no one more commited to the game and determined to win. Whether it be a small sided game or an 11v11 mens game, Travis puts all of his effort into being the best player on the field and helping his team win. To say that he's been a champion at every level he's competed at, is an understatement."

-Craig Hearn

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