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Q: What is your coaching license?
A: I do not have a coaching license and barring some legal requirement under our ever growing government, I have no intention of getting one.  Look at my accomplishments, look at who I played for.  That experience cannot be replicated by some classes and exams.   If that is what you are looking for please leave now and save us both any wasted time. 

Q: Whom did you play for?
A:   John Boots, Walter Barrett, Jim Launder (1995 NCAA coach of the year), Pato Margetic, Sasho Cirovski (2x NCAA Champion with Maryland), and Bob Gansler (Former US Men’s National Team coach) to name a few.

Q: Why did you take so much time off?
A: 4 surgeries in less than 2 years severely dampened both my ability and motivation.  In addition to this was the fact that upon making it into the MLS I realized how impossible it was to live on the league minimum foisted upon almost all American born players at that time.  Especially in NY/NJ.  Frustration at all of the above eventually contributed to me simply walking (limping at that point) away and not touching a soccer ball for over 4 years.

Q: Why do you think you can just step right back into the swing of competitive soccer?
A: Since returning to the sport, I have continued to play and win at lower levels and now have three children of my own who have all jump-started their own soccer careers.  My motivation has returned and is in full gear.

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