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SUPER Y National Championships


'04 Boys

Sabalian Roy ('06) is playing for the '04 Concorde Fire from Atlanta, GA.  After starting on the bench for 5 minutes, Sabalian went in at the #6 spot and played almost the entire game.  He did extremely well even though the team lost 3-1.  

'04 Girls

Amalia Villarreal ('04), Brooklyn Foster ('05), Dianna Kucy ('05), Kyra Karfonta ('04), Lilley Bosley '(04), Morgan Roy ('05), & Sylvia Bohlen ('05) are all playing with the '04 Force/Liverpool girls team.  Their first game was last night and the girls contributed greatly to the win.

Morgan Roy       1g, 1a

Sylvia, Bohlen    1g

Lilley Bosley       1g

Amalia Villarreal 1g

Kyra Karfonta     1g

Dianna also hit the crossbar off the Keepers finger tips and Brooklyn helped hold the Annandale, VA team scoreless on defense.  The other goal in the 5-0 win was a diving header scored by Abigail Skiff - who actually attended a few ROI events prior to her recent knee injury.

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