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SUPER Y National Championships SEMI FINALS

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'04 Girls

The girls played a very tough game against a larger and stronger Chill team.  Subbing was extremely regular with every girl on the team being run in and out in the heat.

With the Chill wisely using their size to their advantage at every opportunity, the girls hung in and wore them down better in the second half.   Regular time expired with a 0-0 score.

The girls definitely seemed to have the better of the possession and the opportunities in the over time but it also finished 0-0.

Keeper Sophie Homan responded to my question 'Are you good for at least one?' with a big smile and an unblinking stare as she calmly took a long drink from her water bottle.  

Our extremely solid shooting lineup was as follows:

Morgan Roy ('05), Brooklyn Foster ('05), Lilley Bosley ('04), Amalia Villarreal ('06), and Abigail Skiff ('05).

Our girls shot first:

Morgan calmly buried the first in the lower right

Brooklyn took it off foot with her left and buried the second in the lower right

----Sophie then saved the 2nd Chill shot----

Lilley calmly buried the third in the lower right

Amalia put hers to the keepers left as the keeper did not dive early for the first time

Abigail then put the game winner into the lower left corner with a frighteningly solid right footed hit.

The Final against the Concorde Fire is at 8am Tuesday morning.

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