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SUPER Y National Championships

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'04 boys 

Guesting with the Concorde Fire from Atlanta, Sabalian Roy ('06) continued with one of his best performances to date with another strong stand at the #6 spot.  While not used to the position, the duration of the games, nor the size of the 11v11 fields, Sebi continued a commanding performance with the majority of goals scored against his team in the few minutes when he was subbed off.

'04 Girls

Sunrise United FC '04 had not had a goal scored against them in almost 9 months.  That streak ended on December 10th in a 1-0 loss to the Force/Liverpool FC '04 girls.  The goal came from Abigail Skiff slipping a ball from the left side in front of Morgan Roy who put it in from about 20 out.   The girls had the greater number of chances by far but the defensive play of Kelsey Finazzo at the #6 spot and Sophie Homan in goal were both very key in the girls pulling out the win and guaranteeing their spot in the semi-final on Monday.  All that remains today is for the girls to secure the number one seed and thus play the semi-final in the IMG stadium.

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