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SUPER Y National Championships

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'04 boys

The Concorde Fire team that Sabalian is guesting with notched a 3-1 win in their final game of the tournament.  This was the first game I was personally able to watch.  I was very happy to see how well Sebi had adapted into the quicker playing, 'head always up' role of a #6.  Sebi was obviously not happy about it though and did not look excited until he was finally placed up top with about 4 minutes to go.  He promptly put the #10 thru on a lone breakaway where the player inexplicably pulled up short to chip the ball directly into the keepers chest.  The same player then pulled up a minute later on another ball Sebi put him thru on and weakly hit the ball into the keepers legs, slow enough that the keeper trapped it with his off foot.  The lesson here?  NEVER think as you shoot.  All thinking should be done while moving into position to shoot.  If you think while you are doing it - you accomplish nothing but the disruption of your own shot.

'04 Girls

I missed this game in order to watch Sabalian.  As the girls were already thru to the Semi-final, all they were really playing for was the 1st seed.  That went out the window when one of our youngest center midfielders got stuck trying to dribble out of our own third of the field.  This led to a penalty kick on a questionable call.  The game finished with a 3-1 win but the seeding was lost as the '04 Concorde Fire girls did not concede any such silly goals.

All three goals and one assist came from ROI girls:

Kyra Karfonta ('04) from Meghan Oliver

Sylvia Bohlen ('04) from Kyra Karfonta ('04)

Amalia Villarreal ('06) from Kelsey Finazzo

The Semi-final is at 4pm today.

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