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​2017 Premier SuperCopa


2017 Premier SuperCopa

Gold division Quarterfinal
ROI 05g vs FC Dallas
Today the girls played the #11 Nationally ranked u12 (2005) team in the Nation (http://youthsoccerrankings.us/).
The girls played in 88 degree weather and a stiff 15-20mph wind driving straight down the field from goal to goal.
With the wind in the first half the girls needed to jump out to a strong lead. This did not happen.
Several chances were passed up, and those that were taken were mostly off in one way or another. Some great strikes, but just poor shot selection - for example - choosing near post instead of far post.
1-0 This score held up until halftime after Morgan broke free long enough to bang a left footer off the cross bar that Brooklyn gathered up and put in to the far post.
2-0 arrived with a defensive breakdown supplied by a long ball from Nora that found a gap that Brooklyn raced into with a great left footed finish.
2-1 then arrived off of a restart that took advantage of the wind to get the ball just under the crossbar. Nothing Kelsey could do about it, short of growing a quick 6 inches.
3-1 Morgan turned 2 defenders in the midfield and put the ball in to Amalia racing forward who then slotted Ava in for a very nice left footed finish that just kissed the post.
4-1 Natalie Garcia then supplied the ball in to Morgan who broke up the inside left until Brooklyn's defender started towards her. The toe poke thru led to Brooklyn's 3rd goal of the game and 7th of the tournament.
4-2 Another wind assisted goal made it over the top for the FC Dallas girls.
5-2 Another nice played and placed combination goal, this time from Morgan to Amalia to Natalie Serban. This was also the final score of the match.
Of note in this game:
1. With the wind really blowing, we switched the formation to a 2-3-4-1 in the second half. The girls had absolutely no problem with this completely new formation and held it brilliantly in the face of the wind and continual 60-70 yard long balls.
2. Despite their twin positions deep at the back anchoring the team, Nora and Natalie Garcia were directly involved in 2 key second half goals as all the girls moved up and down the field without pause.
3. The play of the game for me came from Abigail Skiff. Abigail was playing the center of the defensive '3' in the formation listed above. Basically she had to play a modified #6 linch pin position. Defensively she dropped in as the center back and then had to continually race forward to support the 2 center midfielders as their #6 defensive midfielder once we won the ball. She owned the new position and also won more balls directly out of the air than any other 2 players combined. She only drew one really scared bout of yelling from her coach when I lit her up for dribbling to much with a forward trying to climb her back while wacking at her back leg. The yelling was directed at her getting rid of the ball sooner.
Similar to Brooklyn scoring 2 of her goals right after being told to race back and play defense, Abigail also correctly ignored a direct order. Right after being told to just play it safe, she was racing back thru the center circle after we lost the ball up top. She got to the ball at midfield near full speed while surrounded by 3 defenders all running with her pinned in a triangle. These 4 girls were in the middle of a massive 40 yard gap in the field with no one else around. Abigail promptly pulled off a one and a half Maradona spin that found her sliding right out one side of the defensive triangle with the ball on her right foot completely turned around and headed up field. It was a move I have never, and will never, personally pull off in my life.
As I had been preparing to (calmly and rationally) instruct her to clear the ball, my mouth was literally left hanging open.
Nothing like making a coach choke on his own whiny words.
The first Semi-final has CUP North (#4 Nationally) and Nationals (Oakland/Macomb combo) facing off. As we have recent experience against both teams it is great to get the opportunity to play someone else in our own Semi-final.
So exactly who do the girls play on Sunday morning?
Just the #1 ranked team in the Nation.
The Dallas Texans South.
Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

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