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2017 3v3 Live National Championships

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Last year the ROI 05 and 06 girls teams won the 3v3 Live National Championships.  The boys were eliminated in the Semi's (09s) and Quarters (06s).

This year the tide turned against the girls and in favor of the boys.

05 girls:  Eliminated in the Semi's by Ginga - the team they scraped by in the National Final last year.

06 girls:  Eliminated in the final by a team from OK, in spite of a very nice Hat Trick by Macy Malecki coming out of the back.

Meanwhile the boys teams had one dominant win and one back and forth slug fest.

06 boys + Rentz and Dahlinger:  The Final was 8-2 vs the undefeated TSC 06 after beating FCF TX in the Semi's.

09 boys Brennan S, Drake E, Fagan R, Jordyn F, Tiago K. & Yuriy R:  The Final was 10-8 vs Real (Only one 7-6 loss in the opening game to our ROI team) after a 9-6 barn burner against OK in the Semi's.

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