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2005 United States Youth Futsal

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12-30-16 6-0 Win vs Futsal Canada 2004. Yes, this was the same opponent from the previous 2 days. Amalia notched another assist while Morgan put up 2 goals and 2 assists, as the girls won the first game for the US teams in a dominant performance.
In addition to our girls, this team has girls from all across the United States, including New York, North Carolina, Kansas, and Southern California (Of course). Yet when it comes down to it, 2/3 of the goals for the week directly involved our girls from Michigan.  Well done.

12-29-16 5-5 Tie vs Futsal Canada 2004. The girls won the first match point of any of the 4 US teams here. Morgan saw some more playing time while Amalia remained about the same. I signed documents stating I would only be positive online, etc, so I won't comment beyond pointing out that when they are on the field together the difference is striking. When they played up top together, their pressure and pace offensively is unmatched. The ball rarely leaves the other teams end, and almost never under control.
Both girls put up points as Amalia scored her first goal while Morgan notched another goal and an assist. Both girls played better today with fewer mistakes than the previous 2 days.

12-27-16 4-3 win vs USYF 2004 team. Morgan Roy goal and an assist. Amalia played well but is playing out of the back and distribution is required.

12-28-16 3-4 loss vs Futsal Canada 2004 . They were huge. Morgan Roy 2 goals. Amalia played well but is playing out of the back again.

Both girls are also getting minimal playing time. The main reason being the other girls all play Futsal year round for true Futsal coaches and not just as a supplement.

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